Marine Electrics

Energy Marine offers any electrical, power generation, emergancy power,  navigation, and automotive repairs and solutions. Call Michael on 0418 504 504

Electric Pumps

Global Cooling, freshwater, hydraulic, Seawater and  fire pumps.  Having problems? need remote solutions?  We repair all motor control panels and pumps.

Power Generation

GlobalPower generator issues?.  We repair all types of generator supplies from single stand alone systems to auto syncronous parralleling units.

Auto repairs

Global Main engine and auxillary electrical repairs. System gauges and Alarms.  We specialise in fail safe systems to ensure your investment is always a priority.

Electrical Contractor

We are fully licenced electrical contractors.  For all you auditing, varification and new installation needs. Queensland contractors No.74505 & Northern Territory contractors No.C2597



Battery Systems

Global House,  Main,  Radio and various combinations of battery setups.  Manual or automatic charging units, power supplies, Emeergancy switching combinations.  


Welcome to Energy marine.  Energy marine is a new company with the main focus on safety and excellent/reliable electrical services to the marine industry